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No Disney. Just.........NO!

You have no idea how much this infuriates me. not just cause Maleficent was an insult to the original, but because of whats going into this movie.

First off, they hired Ehren Kruger who is responcible for writing the Ring, and the recent shitty Transformers Movies. I mean, in what logic does the screenwriter of Transformers, a movie about giant fighting robots, fit well with a remake of a baby elephant that can fly??!! And they also got Justin Springer, the guy who worked on TRON: Legacy is producing the film. Ok, first of all, why dont you get people who have worked on Animal movies like the guys who wrote for War Horse? They would fit perfectly!!!

Next off, this will no doubt be a CGI effort. Again, it can only work if their will be live action animals in it too. Plus, with the amount of Cartoon characters being turned into CGC's (Computer Generated Cunts ^_o) nowadays, whats the thing they try to do to them? Fill it with nonstop toilet humor...............Thats what kills it for me. Those jokes were not in those characters time period so it feel unatural for them to be saying things like that in movies. for example when that kilt wearing smurf at the end of Smurfs 2 said "I nearly Smurfed myself" It's not funny, and its NOT clever, plus its insulting to the character licensing. Now, I know Disney Live- Action remakes have been avoiding that kind of thing and I applaued them for tgat, but again with the CGI, its just going to lose that charm and fantastic animation that I adore so much about it. CGI to me just feels WAAAAAAY to overused nowadays

Lastly are the questionable things. first off, the crows. We've all heard the story, many ckaim theh are racist, or at least some think that. You have to see it from the point of view of others. Many have treated Blacks in animated films as unsmart or stupid, but the way they handled them in Dumbo was way more clever. They were actually smart and had a sense of soul to them. I mean, they even help out Timothy and Dumbo in the end. The two things that would be bad about this remake would be that they make them to animal-like, changed their race (like they become pigeons X() or get rid of them all together. Then theirs the Pink Elephants sequence which will no doubt be thrown out considering the fact that it happens when the characters get drunk, and I can see that, but it will cause some major plotholes when they need to explain how Dumbo flew up into the tree. plus, comeon, the Pink Elephants scene has some of the most weirdest, most unique, and most original animation in that time period.

Now, your probwbly why am I so defensive over this Dumbo film in particular. Well, for most of you who know me, I really, really, REALLY love Dumbo. It has wonderful animation (best animators at the time) Great voice acting, nice songs, a simple to follow story, and wonderful characters. plus come on, who doesnt love a Baby Elephant with big ears. I have strong feelings for this perfect animated film, and seeing where they are going with this so far has got me in an uproar. Dumbo is my favorite Animated Film. More then Lion King, more then Secret of NIMH, heck, even more then Spirited Away. All these other animated films may have some of the things that I love about Dumbo, but I feel they dont come close to the warmth, the personality, the style, the feel, and the impact that Dumbo has left on me since 2002. It is without a doubt a perfect animated film in my eyes and I want everyone to understand that. Now do yourselves a favor and go watch it, you wont be disapointed.
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Devin VanWaes
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Hello, my name is Devin Lee VanWaes (Mostley known as Blaze Heart Panther) I happen to love a bunch of things. I love Care Bears for 1, I also love Nintendo, Disney, Animation Babyfurs, My Little Pony, Pokemon, Super Smash Bros, Kingdom Hearts, Castlevania, that kind of stuff. I love to eat, My favorite is Pizza, the king of all italian foods but all in all, if you happen to like talking about the stuff that I like, contact me sometime. enjoy the wonderful world of Blaze Heart. Plus, if you love Mythies by :iconkelvinthelion: Join my club for it here :iconbabymythies:

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Current Residence: Burnsville MN
Favourite genre of music: Hip-Hop
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Favourite style of art: Hand-drawn, Stop-Motion
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Favourite cartoon character: Panky (Pink Panther and Sons)
Personal Quote: Seeing is Believing.

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