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Breakfast and Bonding Time by BlazeHeartPanther
Breakfast and Bonding Time

It was morning time in the woods and as such, it was Topals breakfast time. She took the freshly diapered cub outside and sat on a stump, removed part of her top and began to nurse the cub from her breast. Kyte and Tricky who were nearby caught sight of this. Kyte smiled at Krystal knowing what it was like to nurse from mom, Tricky on the other hand (who was younger then Kyte) just looked on in awe and wonder. Kyte covered his eyes to keep his innocense intact.

Wow, Im just amazed at how perfect this picture came out, I am just stunned.

first off is the background. such beautiful lighting and sun shining through the trees, its just gorgous. The location is wonderful too. it fits the mood of what I envisioned Krystal's people to be, a native kind of Vixen, plus Krystal herself is very well designed like her original Dinosaur Planet design which I prefer. Then we have Kyte and Tricky who have the funniest reactions to the situation on their faces and Tricky has got such wonderful detailing on him that makes him feel so real almost like this was something crafted out of RareWare themselves.

Props go to :iconmisterluca: for a rather PERFECT job for making this elegent piece of art for me, I feel very spoiled even if I didn't ask for such great detail. You have to go check out his work, you wont be dissapointed.

:iconyakkoplz: It's that time again.
:iconwakkoplz: To tell Cartoon Network to stop airing live action shows?
:icondotwarnerplz: To get Breadwinners banned from Nickelodian?
:iconyakkoplz: No, it's time to learn what the nominees for best animated film of 2014 is, and to find out what they are, we turn to Blaze Heart Panther!
:iconblazeheartpanther: Thank you Yakko. Yes ladies and gentles, you heard him right, 2014 is over and now we are in 2015 which is why now is the time to anounce the catagories for the Animated movies of 2014. Our Nominees are as follows

The Nut Job
The Lego Movie
Mr. Peabody and Sherman
Rio 2
Legends of Oz: Dorathy's Return
How to Train your Dragon 2
Planes: Fire and Rescue
Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods
The BoxTrolls
The Book of Life
Big Hero 6
The Penguins of Madagascar

:iconyakkoplz: Wow, what a bunch of animated films this year Blaze Heart, but what will all these films be competing for?
:iconblazeheartpanther: Glad you asked my friend, glad you asked. It's simple really. Their are many different catagories that these films could win. They range from things like Animation, Art Direction, Score, and others. The catagories that a film could win are...

Best Story

Best Animation

Best Art Direction

Best Score

Most Under-rated

Most Over-Rated

Worst Movie

Funniest Movie

and Finally

Best Animated Feature

:icondotwarnerplz: is that all the awards?
:iconblazeheartpanther: Indeed it is NOT! Their are other catagories where a select person, or thing, will be chosen to represent that movie, but only one per movie. These are

Best Main Character
Surley: Nut Job
Emmet: Lego Movie
Sherman: Peabody and Sherman
Blu: Rio 2
Dorathy: Legends of Oz
Hiccup: Dragon 2
Dusty Crophooper: Planes 2
Goku: DBZ: BOG
Eggs: Boxtrolls
Monolo: Book of Life
Hiro: Big Hero 6
Skipper: Penguins

Best Supporting Character
Precious: Nut Job
Virtruvious: Lego Movie
King Agamemnon: Peabody and Sherman
Gabbi: Rio 2
Valka (hiccups mom): Dragon 2
Blade Ranger: Planes 2
Vegeta: DBZ:BOG
Fish: Boxtrolls
Candlestick Maker: Book of Life
Baymax: Big Hero 6
Classified: Penguins

Best Villain
Raccoon: Nut Job
Lord/President Business: Lego Movie
Mrs. Grunion: Peabody and Sherman
Nigel: Rio 2
Jester: Legends of Oz
Drago Bludvist: Dragon 2
Beerus: DBZ:BOG
Archibald Snatcher: Boxtrolls
Chakal: Book of Life
Yokai: Big Hero 6
Dave: Penguins

Cutest character
Buddy: Nut Job
Princess Unikitty: Lego Movie
Baby Sherman: Peabody and Sherman
Carla/Bia/Tiago: Rio 2
Toto: Legends of Oz
Toothless: Dragon 2
Trunks: DBZ:BOG
Baby Eggs: Boxtrolls
Chewie: Book of Life
Baymax: Big Hero 6
Private: Penguins

Best Voice Actor
Will Arnett: Nut Job
Liam Neeson: Lego Movie
Ty Berall: Peabody and Sherman
Andy Garcia: Rio 2
Martin Short: Legends of Oz
Djimon Hounsou: Dragon 2
Wes Studi: Planes 2
Ian Sinclair: DBZ:BOG
Ben Kingsley: Boxtrolls
Diego Luna: Book of Life
T. J. Miller: Big Hero 6
Tom Mcgrath: Penguins

Best voice Actress
Katherine Helgi: Nut Job
Alison Brie: Lego Movie
Allison Janney: Peabody and Sherman
Kristen Chanoweth: Rio 2
Lea Michelle: Legends of Oz
Cate Blanchett: Dragon 2
Julie Bowen: Planes 2
Monical Rial: DBZ:BOG
Ella Fanning: Boxtrolls
Lea Selonga: Book of Life
Genesis Rodreguez: Big Hero 6
Annet Mahendru: Penguins

Biggest Bitch/Bastard
Surley: Nut Job
Batman: Lego Movie
Mrs. Grunion: Peabody and Sherman
Appraiser: Legends of Oz
Cad Spinner: Planes 2
Bulma: DBZ:BOG
Mr. Gristle: Boxtrolls
Juaquin: Book of Life
Yama: Big Hero 6
Classified: Penguins

Best Song
Everything is Awesome: Lego Movie
Poisonous Love: Rio 2
Even Then: Legend of Oz
For the Dancing and the Dreaming: Dragon 2
The Boxtrolls Song: Boxtrolls
I love you to much: Book of Life

Best Credits song
Untitled Self Portrait: Lego Movie
Way back When: Peabody and Sherman
Rio Rio: Rio 2
When the World: Legends of Oz
Where no one goes: Dragon 2
Runway Romance: Planes 2
Little Boxes: Boxtrolls
Live Life: Book of Life
Immortals: Big Hero 6

:iconwakkoplz: Wow, seems like a lot to wrap your head around
Yakkoplz: The competition looks very fierce, but we shall see who triumphs in the end next month
:icondotwarnerplz: I know I'll win the cutest character catagory
:iconwakkoplz: -_-
:iconyakkoplz: -_-
:icondotwarnerplz: >.< Boys.

:iconblazeheartpanther: Tell me what your pics are for last years films and Ill see you in a month!
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Favourite cartoon character: Panky (Pink Panther and Sons)
Personal Quote: Seeing is Believing.

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